The Latest Trends in Debtor Tracing

Traceps’ online debtor tracing finally allows you to take your debtor tracing into your own hands, becoming your own successful detective.

In the past, trying to do debtor tracing yourself would generate few useful results. This is because individuals and businesses just don’t have the resources or databases to find out what they need to know about debtors who have absconded.

So tracing was left up to debtor tracing companies, who could then charge extravagant charges to their clients for the information they generated.

But Traceps’ believes in empowering our clients, and so have developed our online debtor tracing service. This allows clients to fill in any information they have about their debtors, and get back real time results. They can either then follow these leads themselves, or get Traceps’ to follow through and track the debtors for them.

This service can be integrated into your in-house collections system, so instant debtor tracing will always be at your fingertips.

It is truly revolutionary to allow clients access to our extensive debtor tracing database, allowing you to be your own detective. Traceps’ sees debtor tracing as a collaboration between us and our clients, not as us holding all the power.

With online debtor tracing you don’t have to wait for your debtor tracing company to get round to your request, Traceps’ allows you to find out for yourself in just a click of the mouse. Thereafter we will continue to support your search in any way you need.

Imagine having all this current, relevant and useful information at your disposal to aid your debtor tracing? Never before has it been so easy to contact a debtor. Tracing someone is no longer a frustrating exercise that makes you want to just give up.

Go to Traceps Online Trace here to put yourself in the driver’s seat today.

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