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5 Reasons Why You Should Enrich your Data

Data Enrichment plays the main role in today’s fast-paced, data-driven marketing environment. In order to draw reliable insights from the data, it is important to ensure that you have quality data.

When data enrichment is done properly, it has the ability to fill missing gaps in your customers’ data, such as home address, resulting in detailed and accurate customer profiles, without the disruption to the customer’s natural interaction with your business.

With all the available data in place, you are able to gain a better understanding of your customers and concentrate your marketing efforts where the predicted conversions will be maximized.


1. Volume of Information

Nobody wants to spend excessive resources and time to sort through volumes of data and customer information in order to find the people you are looking for. Data Enrichment has the ability to resolve and sort through the data which will then be returned to you specifically to the submitted ID number.

Traceps Data Enrichment tracing services work on a digital level, therefore you can email lists through to us, there is the added benefit of even more time being saved.


2. Existing Customers

Re-establishing contact with your previous customers is a great source of business as they are familiar with your services and therefore don’t need substantial convincing. As the company develops, so does the benefits for customers, existing customers will easily see the changes and advancements of the company. Re-establish contact with your customers within 3-5 days of submission.


3. Keep Data Updated

With Traceps, your receive high-quality, continuously updated information that is trustworthy.

There is no need to constantly disturb customers or debtors for updated information. Traceps provides you with a full spectrum of contact details required, regardless of the quantity of file data or file types you submit.

Gain a deeper insight into your prospects and current customers and debtors. Trace your debtors and customers to prevent them from ‘disappearing’ without your knowledge – keep information updated and gain a report compiled by Traceps with the ‘cleaned debtor data’ you require to fulfil your collection process.


4. Improve Data Accuracy

Ensure that your data is not only updated but also, clean and accurate. Irrelevant or invalid data will be either corrected or removed. This makes it easy to see what your customers and their businesses have been up to and improve decisions based on the data.

With Traceps, you are able to receive a full spectrum of company details, from the company address to the property ownership information.


5. Finally, Keep it Together

There is no need to lift a finger when Traceps does it all for you. Keep all your online data in one place and in the right place. Traceps have integrated cross-referencing procedures that allows you to keep track of customers.

Traceps offers data enrichment as a value-adding process, where external data from multiple sources is added to existing data in order to enhance the quality of the data. Keep your customers and debtors data up to date and accurate, easily, with Traceps!


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