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Improve Your B2B Leads With Data Enrichment

Creating a successful and quality business lead generation campaign is directly impacted by the level of your data. Lead generation efforts are primarily dependent on the data quality.

You may have new data, but this does not necessarily mean that the data will be correct as there could be duplications, outdated information or missing fields which could largely impact the success of your research and campaign. The average B2B database decays at over 3% per month — across all industries. You may have data on file that are potential business leads, but are finding it difficult to process the large quantity of data files? Traceps’ Data Enrichment tools are designed to solve this problem without a lot of manual work from your team. Here is how you can increase business leads effectively with Traceps:


Simplify Your Data

When using high-quality data in a large quantity, tools such as segmentation, lead scoring and lead nurturing is often underestimated. Data enrichment assists these tools in order for the information to be easily gathered, accessed and analysed.


Gain More From Your Data

Gaining potential sales leads can be done in numerous ways, unfortunately, simply a phone number is not enough anymore and shouldn’t have to be. With all the valuable channels available such as Facebook and LinkedIn, this is an opportunity for companies to show interest and gain relevant insight which will assist sales reps in connecting with potential leads. Leads with insight become opportunities which then become sales. The challenge is ensuring that the leads collected are relevant, appropriate and accurate.


Support Your Sales Team

Enriched data that is accurately implemented will be prioritised to ensure that your sales reps have potential leads that are appropriate and accurate, ensuring that unnecessary time is not wasted.


Quality over Quantity

Quality data is the key to getting the greatest ROI for a powerful CRM and other marketing and sale tools. Data enrichment aids in eliminating data that is irrelevant to ensure that your company and contacts are effective and successful.


With Traceps, Data enrichment tools can enhance your sales and business while building relationships with greater insight into your potential leads.

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