Glossary of Terms | Traceps, South Africa

Social Networking on the Traceps Application refers to the ability for users to access interconnected communities through shared data such as contact numbers, addresses, directorship details, etc. This social networking is available as a hyperlink on shared data, or via a Relationship Links section which shows people related to a specific individual.

By checking a “Sounds Like” box, you can indicate to the system that you will accept in your search results any entities whose criteria is similar to if not equal to your input criteria (e.g. a search on the first name ‘Rob’ with the sounds like button checked may return results with the first name ‘Bob’)

By using an asterisk (*) within a search criteria to denote a wildcard, you can indicate to the system that you will accept in your search results any individuals with other characters in the place of the asterisk (e.g. a search on the first name ‘Rob*’ may return results with the first name ‘Robin’, or ‘Robert’).

Auto-complete functionality provides suggestions while you are typing text into a field by referencing the text you are typing against the Traceps Database. Auto-complete functionality is available in the Search page in the Surname, First Name, Company Name and Address fields.

The Search History Bar gives details of all searches performed within the current session and is displayed as soon as the first search is completed. Using this bar, you can move back and forth between your search results.

In the Traceps Application a hyperlink is a link from one place in the application to another page containing further information. Hyperlinks are always given in red underlined text and by clicking on the hyperlink the page containing further information is opened.

The homeownership indicator indicates whether or not a person has property ownership experience.
If an individual or company has property ownership experience, the details of both the property and the transaction are given in the homeownership data for this entity.

If an individual has directorship experience, the details of the directorship and general enterprise details (name and enterprise number) are given in the directorship data for this entity.

On the Traceps Application Dashboard page, you can view graphs of your Traceps usage and access reports of your usage.

All detail pages and reports within the Traceps Application can be exported to the PDF format. From this format they can be saved or printed.