Debt Collection

Debt Collection: Helping You Retrieve What Is Yours

Debt collection can be a much-dreaded process for any business, more so for a small business with already scarce resources.

Nobody likes to spend resources on claiming what already belongs to them, much less tracing debtors that seem untraceable. Small businesses are often the most affected by bad debt, as each collection can be a drain on the business’ operating profits.

Often smaller enterprises are scared to engage in debt collection, in fear of wasting added time and money on alienating these customers. And it is not uncommon for offending customers to play on this and “skip town” in confidence, knowing that you’re never going to engage in any form of debt collection.

However, this should not be the case. Debt collection is your right to collect the money that is owed to you. You started your business to make a difference and offer a service; not to be chasing bad debt and customers who avoid you.

Traceps has long been an industry leader in debt collection technology. But now we have made this technology available to you – the small business owner. We have managed to develop a solution for our clients that need an affordable once-off batch trace. Aptly named, Traceps’ Batch Trace is a customised service that is aimed at clients who require the processing of files with large data volume, regardless of the information you or your business requires in order to trace your debtors.

Now, you have a solution that equips you to carry your debt collection in-house! Taking care of that fear of wasting added time and money! Your databases will be 100% accurate and up-to-date as Traceps’ database.  We will filter all your debtor’s particulars through our database to ensure that all data provided will be relevant to your debt collection process.

We understand the steps involved in the debt collection process, as well as the frustrations and stress that comes with it; and for this reason, Traceps offers a solution that is simple and convenient.

For more information on how Traceps can simplify your debt collection process, visit Data Enrichment today.

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