27 August20122 300x221 Tracing Your Way Away From those Grey Hairs

Avoid the frustration of batch tracing with Traceps

Tracing debtors can be a laborious task.

There’s searching for the correct contact details, to making sure those ID numbers are in fact not missing a digit, and then there’s that other matter of making sure all those details match your debtor.

All in all, these steps can be highly-frustrating. And by the time you think you’re ready to contact your debtor, you’re a few grey strands up.


 Now, you have this scenario for 300 missing debtors…

 This may cause you to skip the grey roots and fast approach baldness instead! But don’t worry, we’ve seen your frustration and developed a Traceps solution – Batch Trace. Our very own tracing solution that allows you to obtain the correct details for your debtors, saving you a great deal of time and possibly from pulling your hair out.  It’s simple: you submit a file containing your required tracing data and we revert to you in 4 working days, with a host of information specific to the submitted ID numbers. Easy, right?

Regardless of the information needed, we are able to provide files with large data volumes. So, we can pretty much assist with any tracing effort. Individuals’ particulars are filtered through our databases and returned with the information specific to your needs. Your entire submission can be done online, making your tracing that much easier! We’ve even thought of these pesky ID numbers that are a digit short. Tracing them is still a breeze. We use our algorithms and sequences to still find your debtors. Again, all you do is submit the required data, and leave the tracing to Traceps.

So instead of spending your precious time tracing data, why not let Traceps tracing solutions do that for you? Take the time and pamper yourself instead, after all you did just save yourself from potential hair loss. Go on, reward yourself.


Find out how our batch tracing solution – Batch Trace – can work for you today.


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