In Traceps Version 3.2 our main focus has been to improve the quality of the data we provide to our users.

We have done this in various ways; through improving our database layout, through including more data fields in the Traceps Tracing Application, and through large scale data clean-up projects. This overview gives an indication of the data fields added to the Traceps application and explains where these can be located within the application.

While we have cleaned up a large volume of data in the data clean-up projects leading up to this release, data cleaning is an on-going task and one of our key goals is to continuously improve the quality of our data.

As a result of the database layout change and the addition of new data fields the Company Detail page has been extended to include company addresses and Deeds records. Traceps users now also have the ability to search for a company via an address, adding another level of flexibility to an already versatile tool.

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