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Traceps Debtor Tracing

Tracing a particular individual who seems to have vanished? No stress, we’ve got a solution for you.

Traceps has always kept up with the waves of technology and often we are the ones who have started the ripples.

In keeping with this practice, we’ve developed a solution that will allow you to trace an individual by the other individuals connected to him. That’s right; we’ve mastered the technology of offline social networking.


While our great solutions will remain, this function gives you an added tool to use in your trace for your debtors. We’ve seen the needs of our client: to have access to alternative trace solution. And now we’ve developed one, Online Trace. 

This solution works by recognising links between debtors, and the people around them.

Our offline social networking has established Traceps as a leading pioneer in the debtor tracing industry. Your trace literally starts at your fingertips. All relevant data of your subject will be called up at a simple request. We’ve broadened our input criteria to help you trace a person or a company. It now includes first names, surnames, date of birth ranges, contact number, address, and company details. Our databases offer only the most current details for individuals, making your task that much easier.

As part of our alternative trace option, you will get a relationship section that highlights people connected to the individual as well as the social networking functionality in terms of hyperlinks and shared data. Through our social network technology, you’re able to gain a more holistic view of your debtors.

Social networking has changed the way we do business, isn’t it time you reap the rewards? Your trace can now be powered by our offline social networking.

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