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Trace online and realize the convenience of a click-a-way

As a leading pioneer in the debtor tracing industry, Traceps introduces a unique solution for your every trace. Online solutions are the way to do business. See how we’ve taken your trace online. 


The world is increasingly moving towards web-based simplicity; solutions that are available at the click of a mouse. And Traceps is no different. Our solutions now take your trace online, saving you time and money. No hassles. No changes in software. No changes in your system. Just the simplicity of a trace at your convenience.

We, at Traceps, understand the hard work put into a debtor trace. Online solutions have, for years, been our secret weapon but now we’re opening up that channel to you. Our clients now have access to technology that takes a trace online and opens up access to a database of 40 million strong. Your individual traces will be handled in seconds, yes, at the click of a mouse and with the efficiencies of being online.

The Traceps Application is aimed at clients wishing to trace online, one person at a time. Should you need to trace larger batches of people simultaneously, Traceps is able to conduct your trace online via our Batch Trace service. Through this service, you will submit a file of required data and we will append details to your file. Your trace results are returned to you within 4 working days. Taking your trace online makes your trace our trace.

Online solutions have proved highly effective. It is convenient, simple, and affordable. No debtor is able to escape our database. So with Traceps, you are guaranteed results – up-to-date details when you need to trace.

Online is the way to go, see how Traceps can form a part of your business today.

Visit  Batch Trace to learn more about a solution for your larger trace efforts.

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