Online Trace: An Online Debtor Tracing Tool

Online Trace was developed by Traceps as an in-house debtor tracing tool, which works by recognising links between debtors, and the people around them. This use of offline social networking has established Traceps as a leading pioneer in the debtor tracing industry.

After much development and improvement, Traceps has made the same debtor tracing technology available to you. Online Trace, an online debtor tracing tool, allows real-time access to a vast spectrum of debtor data without the need to install any software. This allows you to perform in-house debtor tracing, or provide added intelligence to your workforce hiring protocol.

advanced search1 Online TraceAdvanced Search Engine
Online Trace uses advanced search engine technology to assist in more effective tracing on a range of input criteria. Features include combination searches, sounds like searches, wildcard searches, and auto-complete functionality on text fields.
contact score Online TraceContact Score
Traceps finds any debtor by using an algorithm, which is based on various contact data to generate accurate contact scores. These scores, rated Platinum for high and Dirt for low, give an ‘at a glance’ overview of how contactable any search subject is.
immediate reports Online TraceImmediate Reports
Graphs and Reports are available on-demand via the Traceps' Online Trace Dashboard page so that you can easily view your usage and past search history. Reports can be downloaded to a PDF document by both users and team leaders.
holistic view Online TraceHolistic View of Individual
Traceps Online provides a complete overview of the searched subject, from past to current records. These include generic information such as basic identification details such as ID number to current location and known address details, telephonic contact details, to advanced information like marital status and spouse, to employment details, property ownership data, directorships and relationship links and known associates.

glyphicons 329 web browser Online TraceTraceps' Web App
Traceps’ Web Application, or Online Trace, allows real-time access to our database of over 40 Million people. Online Trace is accessible via an easy, user-friendly dashboard that returns rapid search results, with an average query return rate of 0.5 seconds.
mobi Online TraceTraceps’ Mobile
Traceps' Mobi is ideal for field workers and investigators who require on the fly tracing capabilities. Traceps has been optimised for browsing via any smart mobile device, providing you with all the benefits of Traceps Online at your fingertips. This tracing product is available to all Traceps' Web Application users.
web service Online TraceWeb Service
Traceps’ integrated Web Service is ideal for clients looking for an online tracing solution to integrate within their own system. Traceps' Web Service gives clients the opportunity to access a wide spectrum of Traceps’ online data from their own system via an ID number search using Online Trace in real-time. This product is available on a Premium Traceps’ Web Service license.

Premium License
Quantity Price (Per License)
Single License R 2 500.00
2 - 9 R 2 000.00 for first license. R 1 000.00 thereafter
10+ R 1000.00
Pre-paid License
Quantity Price (Per Credit) Validity
500 (min) to 2 000 R 2.20 2 Months
2 001 to 5 000 R 2.00 3 Months
5 001 to 10 000 R 1.60 4 Months
10 001 + R 1.30 6 Months
30 000 + R 1.00 12 Months
Web Service License
Volume Range Price (Per Record Returned)
Any R 0.60
Bouquet Licenses
Bouquet Price
Contact (Contact Numbers, Addresses & Emails) R 1 400.00
Directorship Information R 400.00
Deeds Information R 400.00
Employment Information R 200.00
Marital/Deceased Information R 200.00

A - The Traceps' Premium license has a set monthly fee that entitles you to 500 unique ID look ups per day, while the Traceps' Pre-Paid license has no set monthly fee and you purchase credits as and when you need them.
A - No, the information on Traceps' Premium and Traceps' Pre-Paid is exactly the same.
A - A Traceps' Premium license is more cost effective for larger volumes, while the Pre-paid license option will better suit smaller, low volume clients. Please speak to one of our sales consultants who will assist in ascertaining your needs and will recommend the best solution for you.
A - No, on Traceps' Prepaid you will only pay for the number of credits you purchase and will top these up as and when you need to (similarly to the manner in which pre-paid airtime works).
A - On Traceps, a credit is charged only for a unique ID search – in other words, if you click on an ID number and the Person Detail page is displayed. You will not be charged if you click on an address or phone number, or when viewing any other details on the Person or Company Detail pages. You will be charged if you click on a relationship link ID number, as this will initiate a new ID search.
A - No, Traceps credits do not expire.
A - Yes, while we allow only one user per Traceps login at a time, you can have multiple users logged into separate logins. Should you wish to have multiple people using Traceps at one time you can either purchase numerous Traceps Premium logins or alternatively you can purchase Traceps Prepaid with numerous logins and allocate credits to the various users.
A - The Traceps' Application is aimed at clients wishing to trace one person at a time. Should you wish to trace larger batches of people simultaneously, you can make use of our Batch Trace service, where you send in a batch of people and we append details to your file (including contact number and address details, marriage, deceased, home ownership and directorship indicators and employment details).
A - On the Traceps' Application you can use multiple search input options including name, surname, date of birth range, contact number, address and company details to trace a person or company.
A - Traceps includes social networking functionality in terms of hyperlinks on shared data, as well as a relationship links section which highlights people connected to an individual. This functionality opens up a social network of linked individuals to the tracer, making it easier for them to trace a person.
A - It is possible to opt out of your contract within the contract period, as long as the subscriber provides 20 business days written notice. The subscriber will however be charged a reactivation fee if they want to sign up after cancellation. The benefit of signing a fixed term contract is that the subscriber is not subject to any price increases during the period.

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•  Access a full spectrum of individual contact information

•  View property ownership details

•  Track down debtors by accessing known associate details

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