Lead Generation

Are you looking for a lead generation service or lead generation company? Lead Generation is an effective way for you to grow your business quickly, and an easy way to increase your ROI and get more business on your books by finding many potential clients in one simple move.

Target market lead generation and provision of sales leads is a solution that Traceps specialises in. This rewards you with higher conversion rates at a lower cost per acquisition. Traceps works closely with our clients to understand the exact sales lead information they require. This is to ensure our clients receive only the most qualified sales leads within the demographic they are targeting.

Our Lead Generation service strives to produce high quality, detailed consumer and commercial leads in order to empower your telesales and direct marketing departments. Also, because all prospective sales leads you receive are prequalified, leads generated by Traceps often result in a higher conversion rate than cold contacts.

Our sales leads are generated through specific target market lead generation categories including, but not limited to, gender, geographical area, LSM, home ownership and directorship, as well as contact score rating. This service will suit any high volume users such as:

  • General, life and home insurance
  • Finance and loan providers
  • Debt management organisations
  • Pension fund providers
  • Consumer survey companies
  • Legal institutions
  • Automotive (private and commercial)
  • Travel & retail
  • Business 2 business

Lead Generation
Volume Range Price (Per Record Returned) Handling Fee
300 (min) to 1000 R 1.47 R 500.00
1001 to 3000 R 1.47 R 0.00
3001 to 5000 R 1.20 R 0.00
5001 to 10000 R 1.00 R 0.00
10001 to 30000 R 0.80 R 0.00
30001 to 50000 R 0.70 R 0.00
50000+ R 0.60 R 0.00

A - Complete the online Leads Generation Request Form, including the profile for the leads you wish to purchase. You will receive a confirmation e-mail that we have begun work on your leads request. An invoice will also be sent to you. When your work order has been completed and proof of payment has been received from you, your data will be released to you.
A - We can assist here by analysing your existing client base or past successful sales using our extensive database and knowledge of marketing campaigns to determine the best profile for you to use.
A - When releasing data, files will always be compressed and password protected. The password will always be sent via a different method to the data files (e.g. via SMS). Files can be sent via e-mail or FTP.
A - For a standard leads work order, the turnaround time is 4 business days.
A - You will receive the following field types for each record: Biographical Details (full names, title and gender) Demographical Details (date-stamped contact numbers, physical address and postal address details) Employment Details Directorship Indicator Property Ownership Indicator Deceased Indicator Marital Status Indicator.
A - Traceps’ attorneys have conducted an analysis of our business practices and have confirmed that we are fully compliant with the provisions of the CPA.
A - Yes, we can provide relationship linked information on request, for example, individuals linked via an address, contact number, etc.
A - Sales leads are usually generated using a profile consisting of criteria applicable to a specific business while the web service requires an ID number input; hence leads generation via the Traceps web service is not currently possible.
A - We provide an LSM score with our leads. Our LSM calculation is done in-house based on various factors such as where an individual lives, etc. As we are not a credit bureau, we do not keep financial information on individuals and therefore cannot guarantee the LSM of an individual or provide black listing information.
A - As we are not a credit bureau, we do not keep financial information on individuals and therefore cannot qualify or pre-vet our leads.