Data Cleaning

Data cleansing, data cleaning, or data scrubbing is the process of identifying, correcting or removing corrupt or inaccurate data from a database.

The data cleaning solution provided by Traceps takes any old and out-dated data you submit, relative to your debtors or clients, and through data cleansing return only the most current information. This data cleansing will enable you to finally get hold of even those debtors you had long given up on finding, as they will no longer be able to hide from their debts.

Traceps prides itself on its data cleaning service’s ability to investigate and use only the most up to date data cleaning techniques. We also use our vast resources to achieve data cleansing that few businesses used to think was possible. Don’t let your business lose out just because of a few bad debtors; thanks to Traceps’ data cleansing you can collect all outstanding debts to your business with ease.

All contact specifics within the Traceps’ data cleansing database are current and accurate. As such, Traceps’ data cleaning service assures our clients that all data cleaning efforts result in accurate updates to both individual and business data. There’s no data cleansing job that is too big or too small, and no debtors that manage to outmanoeuvre our extensive data cleansing network. We promise our clients only good results through our comprehensive data cleansing.

Data cleansing services will be able to trace exactly where that person has ended up in the present day, no matter how old your data is. Data cleaning ensures that you will have no more lost contacts. Traceps’ data cleaning will also be able to do business more effectively and with more confidence as you will know that, thanks to Traceps’ data cleaning services, you will never have to worry about clients running out on you without paying their bills.

To ensure your communications efforts are accurate, Traceps’ data cleaning service enhances your current database by:

  • Identifying individuals who are reluctant or unable to respond, reducing consumer displeasure and reducing wastage costs.
  • Enhancing your database with additional information to ensure appropriate sales calls are targeted at the correct individuals.
  • Identifying duplicate records, further reducing wastage and consumer annoyance by cleansing files.
Traceps has the ability to take on and cleanse large data files for our clients within 3-5 days.

Data Cleaning
Volume Range Price (Per Record Returned) Handling Fee
300 (min) to 1000 R 1.47 R 500.00
1001 to 3000 R 1.47 R 0.00
3001 to 5000 R 1.20 R 0.00
5001 to 10000 R 1.00 R 0.00
10001 to 30000 R 0.80 R 0.00
30001 to 50000 R 0.70 R 0.00
50000+ R 0.60 R 0.00

A - We have measures in place to ensure validity of field formats, avoid duplication of records, ensure removal of corrupt or inaccurate information and ensure continuous maintenance of the database.
A - We have an email address validation process in place to ensure validity.
A - Yes, we can complete the identity number using our algorithms and sequences.

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