Do you have a large portfolio of unreachable debtors? Do you have a collection of ID numbers on file which could be potential business leads? Or do you have data files filled with individual details that require tracing? Our Batch Trace service can help you find people!

Batch Trace is a customised service that is aimed at clients who require the processing of files with large data volume, regardless of the information you or your business requires.

batch Batch TraceBatch Debtor Tracing
Batch Trace allows you to track down multiple customers who have tried to escape debt by moving home or changing contact details. Traceps intervenes by producing up to date contact details and additional information on your targeted individuals. Traceps does this by filtering the debtors’ particulars through our database. Through a series of cross reference procedures, Traceps establishes plausible connections within the subject’s community network, isolating the absconded individuals. Traceps compiles a report of the new found data, and reverts back to you with the ‘cleaned debtor data’ you require to fulfil your collection process.
advanced search Batch TraceAdvanced Debtor Tracing
Find debtors quickly with Traceps’ batch tracing solution, enabling you to re-establish contact with your customers within 3-5 days of submission.
id Batch TraceBatch ID Tracing
Should you only have individual Identification numbers at your disposal, Traceps can provide you with a full spectrum of contact details you require. Regardless of the quantity of file data or file types you submit, Traceps can assist with all your batch trace requirements.
id Batch TraceCompany Registration Number Tracing
As with our batch ID number tracing solution, Traceps can perform the same task on company registration numbers. Traceps in-return will send you a full spectrum of company details. These include: • address • contact • directorship • property ownership information.

Batch Trace
Volume Range Price (Per Record Returned) Handling Fee
300 (min) to 1000 R 1.47 R 500.00
1001 to 3000 R 1.47 R 0.00
3001 to 5000 R 1.20 R 0.00
5001 to 10000 R 1.00 R 0.00
10001 to 30000 R 0.80 R 0.00
30001 to 50000 R 0.70 R 0.00
50000+ R 0.60 R 0.00

A - Traceps is an online tracing tool that will allow you to perform searches online with instant results whenever you need to do so. Traceps also has the ability to social network and provide you with alternate contact information for an individual. Batch Trace is a service used for larger volumes that are sent to us in an Excel or text file and we append information to these records and return these to you. Batch Trace has a turnaround time of 4 business days and will return a host of information specific to the submitted ID number (there is no social network information returned).
A - To run a batch trace we require a file containing the data you wish to trace. This file can be in Excel or text format. You can submit either ID numbers, company registration numbers or records with no unique identifier where you want us to match an ID number or company registration number to your data (e.g. name, surname, date of birth, contact number, etc.). Note that there is a different pricing breakdown for each input type.
A - Complete the online Batch Trace Request Form; on the last page of the request form you will be required to upload your data file(s) to the site. You will receive a confirmation email that we have begun work on your batch trace. An invoice will be sent to you as soon your work order has been completed. When proof of payment has been received from you, your data will be released to you.
A - Yes, all received columns will form part of the final release file, simply include one or more reference columns in your submitted data file.
A - When releasing data, files will always be compressed and password protected. The password will always be sent via a different method to the data files (e.g. via SMS). Files can be sent via email or FTP.
A - For a standard batch trace, the turnaround time is 4 business days.
A - Yes, we can complete the ID number using our algorithms and sequences.
A - Yes, you can send us a file with as much information as you can provide for each record (e.g. name, surname, date of birth, contact number, etc.) and we will match ID numbers to your data. There is however a separate cost for this service.
A - Yes, we offer clients flexibility on payment options for Batch Trace. For example, if you intend on tracing 10 000 records per month, we will accept payment in advance and monitor usage of your bundle. Each month, you will be notified when your bundle has run out.


All of the above mentioned services are brought to you whilst complying to the best practices acts.