Company Overview

Traceps was founded in Durban, South Africa in 2008, and has established itself as a premier Data business providing solutions and services to a variety of entities.

Traceps has pioneered social network search by establishing links between individuals and their known associates. By creating these links, and utilising cross reference data within its extensive database, Traceps has developed a diverse range of product and service offerings.

Traceps’ online product provides further enhanced functionality to enable you to easily access a contactable, connected and traceable market.

Retuned Data includes current and historical information:

  • Person profile
  • Contact information
  • Address information
  • Employment details
  • Directorships
  • Property ownership details
  • Marriage indicators
  • Deceased indicators
  • LSM
  • Contact score
  • Adverse indicators
  • Email address where available


Using data centric intelligence to create links between humans and objects, we provide tailored solutions to your business needs.


Our mission is to sustain a contactable, connected and traceable market in support of direct marketing, debt collection, debt book assessment, dataset profiling, fraud prevention and risk management solutions.

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