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Effectively trace debtors.

With the rise of missing debtors, the debt collection industry faces a tough task: tracing individuals who seemingly don’t exist.

Desperate for a tracing solution, the debt collection industry has been left frustrated and without hope as they scramble for a solution. Well that is until now.

Traceps has come to the rescue by launching Online Trace, an online debtor tracing tool that can be used by businesses themselves in their debt collection, which works by recognizing links between debtors, and the people around them.

No longer are debtor’s contact details confined to their outdated data, but through offline social networking, Traceps Online Trace allows you greater tracing on the whereabouts of individuals.

Designed primarily as a tracing tool for debt collection, Traceps Online Trace has incorporated greater flexibility and mobility through the added features of web applications and Trace Mobi. This meaning that the Online Trace application is available both online, and on your mobile devices. Our goal has been simple: make debt collection that easy. Through intensive research, we have found that current tracing tools are missing a host of features that allow for increased efficiency.

We have included these tracing features that are specific for the debt collection industry, aiming to save you time and money.  Our contact scores remain the most advanced in the business with our algorithm based on various contact data to generate accurate results. These scores are then rated Platinum for high and Dirt for low. With this feature comes immediate reports, on-demand graphs and figures that save you time, and give you an ‘at a glance’ overview of how contactable any search subject is.

 In a world where time is scarce, our goal has always been to provide a comprehensive tracing solution for the debt collection industry.

Online Trace provides a real-time tracing solution for debt collection. With us as you partner, you will have a vast spectrum of debtors’ details without the burden of installing additional software. In our opinion, we’ve reached our goal: debt collection has been made that easy.

Visit Traceps Online Trace now to see how to start tracing debtors today.

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