29 August 2012 2 Need A Phone Number? Trace For It With Traceps

Don’t drown in frustration, let Traceps save your phone number trace

The phone number trace is not unheard of in the debtor tracing industry. Often, a debtor trace can take a detour when you begin to search for your debtors’ phone number.

A trace using outdated contact details can leave you feeling highly-frustrated and helpless, when all you have is a non-existent phone number.

Trace results yield no solutions and you spend more money tracking down a phone number than your actual debtor!

The phone number trace may take longer than your actual debtor trace.


You may have the incorrect number for your debtor, which may now belong to someone else who has nothing to do with your trace! So, instead of being what you assumed would be a simple, quick task, your phone number trace becomes a lengthy affair that swallows company resources unnecessarily. So, what do you do with this outdated phone number? Trace with Traceps and let us come to your rescue.

We now offer a service that saves you time, saves you from frustration, and best of all, saves you money!  You can now make use of Traceps’ Data Cleaning service. You submit your outdated data to us, and we return only the most current data. We assure our clients that all data cleaning efforts result in accurate updates to both individual and business data. Traceps will be able to trace exactly where that person has ended up in the present day, no matter how old your data is. Data cleaning ensures that you will have no more lost contacts. We promise our clients only good results through our comprehensive data cleansing.

Let us focus on the phone number trace, while you concentrate on your debtor trace.

There’s no phone number trace that is too big or too small for Traceps. Contact us today on 031 538 4250 or email info@traceps.co.za

Visit Data Cleaning and see how we can help you.

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