29 Aug 2012 300x285 Help Your Tracing Agents To Achieve Success

Help Your Tracing Agents Realize Maximum Success

Tracing agents form the backbone of any tracing effort. Your entire trace is brought together through the skill and tactful approach of these individuals. But have you equipped your tracing agents with the tools needed for maximum effectiveness?

Tracing agents are known to be busy people, always time-strapped and on-the-go. Hence, they need accuracy and flexibility. Is your current database giving your tracing agents what they need?

Agents need to find and make contact with your trace subject as soon as possible; but what is he to do when details are outdated? Tracing agents are left with a subject’s name, a few outdated contact numbers, and an email address (if they are lucky). Not much to work with, right? For this reason, Traceps sought to provide a solution that would allow tracing agents to contact their trace subjects in a shorter space of time. Welcome to Traceps’ Data Cleaning service.

Your tracing agents will have access to a database that will contain only the most accurate details for your searched subject. For example, if your trace subject’s home number seems to be outdated, Traceps will clean up your database and return only most current data. Every contact number, email address, physical address, and postal address that was ever linked to your trace subject will be on our database, but we will refine the information to suite your data requirements. We only update records, never delete any information so, we make sure that your tracing agents have the best shot at success.

Our unique solution arranges subjects by their contact scores – a rating system that shows how contactable a trace subject is. Now, your tracing agents will be able to contact trace subjects on the details we’ve appended, improving time management. With Traceps, your tracing agents get that added efficiency for that added effectiveness.

For more information, visit  Traceps’ Data Cleaning.

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