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Traceps Batch Trace.

Traceps Batch Trace is able to search for people in large quantities, feeding countless lists of debtors into the system to be analysed and batch traced.


That’s because Traceps Batch Trace knows that often it is not a company’s profits alone that dictate how successful it is.

Rather it is how effectively it is able to search for people, such as customers and clients, who owe the company money.

It is best to use a batch trace service for tracing debtors when you find that your company has to search for a lot of people at a time.

If a company is not able to search for people effectively, then it is not making the profits that it potentially should be making, and will quickly find itself in trouble. Traceps Batch Trace has put together some quick calculations for you to go through so you can see how your business is really handling its search for people who owe your company money when there is a whole batch to trace.

Calculate Your Receivables Turnover Ratio:

This refers to how good your business is at extending credit as well as recovering debts.


Accounts Receivable Turnover = Net Credit Sales / Average Accounts Receivable

This shows how often your business is effectively able to search for people owing money to the company, so here you will want a high ratio as your answer.

Calculate Your Average Collection Period :

This shows how long it takes your business to perform effective search for people owing money to your business. You should use this calculation over different years to check whether the time frame of your search for people is increasing or decreasing over time.


Average Collection Period = Total Accounts Receivable / (Annual Credit Sales / 365 Days)

This will show the average amount of days it takes for you to recover debt, so a low ratio is optimal.

Traceps Batch Trace believes in empowering our clients, and are always ready to offer support, advice and our extensive debt recovery services to search for people whenever they are needed in a batch trace.

 If you did these calculations and realised you need to search for a lot of people fast, just click over to our Batch Trace page. 

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