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Online Tracing

Online Trace

Online Trace

“Advanced online DIY debtor tracing.”

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You’re only a few simple clicks away from accessing a 55 Million strong database.
Traceps’ online tracing product is an easy to use, do it yourself solution for all your tracing requirements.
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Batch Trace

Batch Trace

“Customised large volume tracing.”

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Allow Traceps to process your data files,
and recover the information you actually need.
Traceps offers Batch Trace as a service to clients who require large data files to be processed, quickly and effectively.
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Web Service

Web Service Intergration

“Data that drives business intelligence”

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Traceps, your number one source of data to drive business intelligence within your organisation.
Traceps offers a data injection via web services and allows you to extract up to date information sent directly to your in-house application, real-time!

Data Cleaning

Data Cleaning

“Validate, amend and append data.”

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Traceps offers fast, secure cleansing of your
consumer and business data.
Traceps offers a unique service to amend or append your current database with an added range of criteria and current data.
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